Q. Can being in Band help you get into college?

A. Absolutely!  College admissions officers frequently cite participation in music programs as an important factor in making admissions decisions. They claim that music participation demonstrates time management, creativity, expression, and open-mindedness. I have enclosed the following quotes from the Deans of Admissions at THE two best schools in our country. We feel if music involvement is considered by admissions officers at Harvard and Yale… it’s certainly considered by admissions officers at Duke, Carolina and NC State.

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“The Arts are clearly an integral part of life at Harvard and Radcliffe, important for their value to the college environment and also for the potential they provide for lifelong enrichment. In addition to academic criteria, therefore, we always consider extracurricular talents and personal strengths when we evaluate a candidate’s credentials. We look for students whose previous participation in the arts shows that they can make a substantial contribution to our community.”

William R. Fitzsimmons ~ Dean of Admissions, Harvard University


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“Qualifications for admission to Yale College include not only the reasonably well-defined areas of academic achievement and special skill in non-academic areas, but also the less tangible qualities of capacity for involvement: commitment and personal growth. The musical arts offer remarkable opportunities for the exercise of these qualities. The highly skilled artist, the student whose intellectual interests include close study of the arts, and the many applicants who demonstrate motivation and the willingness to extend their reach through participation in the arts, all promise to enhance the quality of life at Yale.”

– Worth David ~ Dean of Admissions, Yale University


Q. I hear that it can be hard to fit all the required classes into a student schedule while taking band all four years?

A. It is absolutely possible to take band all four years and take all the necessary classes. In fact, many of our band students take additional band classes, and are ranked in at the very top of their class. Band students are consistently accepted into major Universities throughout the United States. Taking four years of band can help boost your GPA by earning “Honors Credit” for any semesters that a student is enrolled in Level III or Level IV by allowing you to earn 5 quality points for that class.

Q. Is band a year-round course?

A. Yes. For each academic year, there are 8 “slots” that are to be filled with classes, 4 classes per semester. Band will be 1 of the “slots” for each semester. PLEASE NOTE THAT BAND IS A  YEARLONG  COMMITMENT (2 Semesters per year). For specific questions or problems, please see the Band Director or your student’s individual counselor at East Lincoln.

For help in planning which courses to take, please take a look at a Sample Band Schedule.

Q. Can I be in Band and Sports?

A. Yes! In fact, many of the students in the East Lincoln Band are in at least one sport and the directors of the band program believe that it is important to participate in more than just one activity during your high school tenure. The only sports that create conflicts are boys soccer and football in the fall (conflict is for Marching Band only – no conflicts with concert band).

Q. Do you have time to take AP courses if you are in HS band?

A. Yes!Most of the band students are enrolled in at least one AP or Honors level class. Don’t forget that you also receive Honors Credit for band once you reach level III (determined by your level of proficiency on your instrument). You can receive the Honors Credit multiple semesters.


Q. Is Marching Band Fun?

A. Absolutely! The Marching Band at East Lincoln is by far the largest student organization at the school, all of those students would not be in band if it weren’t fun and rewarding! Marching Band involves a lot or work, but that comes with many amazing experiences for all of those involved. From playing at football games (you get in to all the games for free!) to competitions, parades, there is always something fun happening withe the East Lincoln Marching Band. Did we mention trips??? 🙂

Q. How do I join the Marching Band?

A. There will be an informational meeting in the spring of each year for both parents and students that will outline everything you need to know about joining the marching band. Students who have not been in the Marching Band before are highly encouraged to attend the “Rookie Training” events that are held in the spring as well. Intent Forms for the Marching Band are due in May. Students who join after that deadline may be placed in the band as an alternate.

Q. Do I really need to be at Band Camp to be in Marching Band?

A. Yes! Band Camp is MANDATORY for all students in the marching band. Exceptions will only be made in extreme circumstances. Band Camp is when the majority of the field show is taught and 100% attendance of all students involved is crucially important to the success fo the band. Students who are not able to attend band camp will be placed in the marching band as alternates. Please plan your summer vacation accordingly.