Q. I hear that it can be hard to fit all the required classes into a student schedule while taking band all four years?

A. It is absolutely possible to take band all four years and take all the necessary classes. In fact, many of our band students take additional band classes, and are ranked in at the very top of their class. Band students are consistently accepted into major Universities throughout the United States. Taking four years of band can help boost your GPA by earning “Honors Credit” for any semesters that a student is enrolled in Level III or Level IV by allowing you to earn 5 quality points for that class.

Q. Is band a year-round course?

A. Yes. For each academic year, there are 8 “slots” that are to be filled with classes, 4 classes per semester. Band will be 1 of the “slots” for each semester. PLEASE NOTE THAT BAND IS A  YEARLONG  COMMITMENT (2 Semesters per year). For specific questions or problems, please see the Band Director or your student’s individual counselor at East Lincoln.

For help in planning which courses to take, please take a look at a Sample Band Schedule.

Q. Do you have time to take AP courses if you are in HS band?

A. Yes!Most of the band students are enrolled in at least one AP or Honors level class. Don’t forget that you also receive Honors Credit for band once you reach level III (determined by your level of proficiency on your instrument). You can receive the Honors Credit multiple semesters.