Prerequisites: Each member of the Leadership Team must have been a member of the Marching Band for at least one year and must be a member of the Marching Band during the school year they serve.  The primary duty of the Leadership Team is to be the student representation to the Director.

Drum Major (Multiple Positions)
-Conducts the marching band at all performances.
-Begins and ends all rehearsals promptly.
-Has authority to discipline the band, as a whole and by individual members, for misconduct during any and all band activities.
-Responsible for duties of all other officers.
-Coordinates all activities of the Student Leadership Team

Captains (2 color guard, 1 woodwind, 1 brass, 1 percussion)
-Serves as leader of their section.
-Responsible for performing knowledge of all section members.
-Will perform uniform inspection on each section member prior to each performance.
-Helps with the discipline of the section.

Inventory Manager
-Issues instruments and mouthpieces to all students who need them.
-Keeps accurate records of the location and condition of all school owned instruments.
-Manages school-owned spare instruments
-Organizes water, lone ranger, etc. crews as needed.

Uniform Manager
-Helps Boosters coordinate Distribution and Collection of Uniforms before and after each performance
-Assists Booster Chairperson in sizing, taking orders and distribution of shoes and gloves for marching band.
-Helps in sizing, taking orders and distribution of Concert Attire

Librarian (2 positions)
-Copying and Distribution of Music, Drill Charts, etc. throughout the year.
-Collect proper payment for extra copies and report to Treasurer.
-Maintain accurate record of music library.
-Process new music as it is purchased

-Assist with Data Entry, Proofreading, Letter Writing, etc. as needed.
-Responsible for making sure attendance is taken at all rehearsals and performances (Marching and Concert).
-Ensures daily agenda notebook is kept in all classes.

Work Crews
-Field Lining Crew
-Equipment Loading Crew
-Uniform Crew
-Facilities Management Crew
-Water Crew
-Sound Crew